weight distribution hitches

If you are thinking of making a trip across the country in your very own mobile home, or have done so in the past, then you have probably experienced a few of these happenings. Firstly, since the trailer is attached to your car with a central rod, the trailer tends to move with a mind of its while on the road.

This most likely cause the car to move as well, making it extremely nerve-wracking to maintain a stable hold on the steering wheel. However, no matter how hard to grip your fist around the steering wheel, the problem lies in the instability of the trailer due to the unsuitable hitching mechanism.

If you want to rectify this before your next trip, then it is important to familiarize yourself with weight distribution hitches. The section below explains all there is to know about this handy tool to make the best of your on-road journey!


What Is The Deal With Weight Distribution Hitches?

Here at WeightDistributionHitches.com, we pride ourselves on recommending an impressive collection of some of the most durable and top of the line hitches on the market. These work exceptionally well in providing stability and preventing the vehicle from swaying too much.

Also, it eases steering and braking on the road, along with providing a higher capacity of load for the vehicle. We understand that this is an important requirement for any such road trip and are fully dedicated to helping you choose the products that you can trust.


Features and Usage

There are several notable features of weight distribution hitches. As explained before, this type of hitch is designed to specifically cater to cars being hitched to larger trailers or caravans. The excellent part about this is that it is easy to install and is a good one-time investment because this is a product that will last quite a while.

Maintenance isn’t a big deal with this product either because all it needs is a little bit of oiling every now and again. This keeps the hitch working smoothly and prevents erosion of the material, so you are good to go!


Types of Distribution Hitches

There are basically two types of weight distribution hitches that you can choose from, i.e., Trunnion Bars and Round Bars. Trunnion bars are more suitable if you want increased towing capacity because they enhance the system weight rating by a fair amount. This can be credited to their square spring bars.

Round bars have springy bars that can be slid through the bottom of the ball mount to be fitted. These are better suited if the trailer is larger in expanse because it provides a lot more room for hooking up the actual

trailer to the car.    



There’s no denying that road trips are great, but while fun is important, it is also necessary to ensure the utmost stability and safety of your vehicle and this product can help you do just that!